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Cost:  Contacts:  Paul 724-899-3414

Firearm Fundamentals and Safety class for Youth


Kids have a natural curiosity about all things and firearms can be especially compelling for any child.  It is our goal to dispel the myths surrounding firearms and to introduce, at this free seminar, a dose of reality to this subject by providing youths the opportunity to SEE, HEAR, TOUCH and actually SHOOT firearms in a safe and secure environment.  Kids will not only learn about firearms in an unprejudiced and informative setting but they WILL have a blast at our shooting-school geared strictly toward them.


SAFE teaches kids to "trust their feelings" around "tricky" people. We also preach firearms safety. Children memorize what they must do when and if they encounter a gun with no adults around: “Stop. Don't touch. Leave the area and tell an adult."


This class will will last 3 to 4 hours. We will be covering firearm fundamentals and firearm safety in the home and out. We will breakdown common media myths about guns as portrayed on our televisions, radios and in our schools everyday. We will introduce the proper safety rules pertaining to firearms and their handling.


Each youth will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive honest answers throughout this event. There will be a large display of many varieties of personally owned firearms for comment and inspection.


The final part of this seminar will provide the youths with an opportunity to fire a select few types of firearms in the rifle and handgun categories.  These will be assigned based on the area of interest of the youth, the individual physical attributes and advice of the shooting instructors on the range.


Looking forward to seeing you,