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This is our opportunity to introduce you to our staff. Our staff is an important part of the success of our courses.

 Paul W. Fedorka
NRA Training Counselor
 Chief Certified NRA Instructor
  Chief Range Safety Officer

Paul W. Fedorka developed his interest in firearms when first being taught to hunt by his father. He is an avid hunter, skeet shooter and enjoys participating in combat pistol, IDPA and re-loading, and has served as a Pennsylvania Deputy State Constable.


 He realized his passion for teaching while passing on this knowledge to his own sons. He has served on the boards of several gun clubs and is an active member of the FOAC, IDPA and NRA. 


He is now devoting much of his time to teaching others. Paul is one of only 123 shooters to become a three time NRA ‘Distinguished Expert’ in pistol, shotgun and rifle marksmanship. NRA Training Counselor Certified  to teach NRA Instructors in Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Home Firearm Safety, Personal Protection, Reloading and Range Safety Officer. 


Paul’s teaching philosophy is pretty simple: Take what you learn in our classes and practice, practice, practice.

Remember Repetition Breeds Excellence.

Paul R. Whitehouse
Certified Instructor
Range Safety Officer



Kim Stolfer

NRA Training Counselor

Chief Certified NRA Instructor
Chief Range Safety Officer

Kim Stolfer is an NRA  Training Counselor Certified  to teach Instructors in Personal Protection, Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, and Home Firearms Safety.  He has developed, instituted and taught NRA programs at numerous Gun Clubs throughout Pennsylvania. Further, he assisted other clubs in developing and instituting NRA programs.


A hunter and active competitor in various shooting sports, such as the DCM, IPSC, Combat Rifle and Pistol, and Silhouette as well as an NRA ‘Distinguished Expert’ in handgun marksmanship.


Kim is also the Chairman (and co-founder), of Firearms Owners Against Crime, a statewide grassroots political action committee, and Chairman of the Pennsylvania Sportsmen’s Association’s Legislative Committee. Member of the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers (ASLET) and graduate of the Lethal Force Institute.  Kim is a veteran of the USMC and an ardent opponent of those who would contravene our Constitutional liberties.


Harry R. Sills
Certified Instructor
Range Safety Officer


Harry R. Sills became interested in firearms on a recreational level while in high school. This interest was expanded during his 7 year enlistment in the U S Navy. Exposure to firearms while in the submarine service to defend the ship expanded his belief that personal protection is also a basic fundmental right guaranteed by the Constitution. Harry took NRA pistol courses in the 1970's to improve his shooting skills. Later as a father of two sons he taught both of them firearm safety and how to shoot  pistols while the boys were in their teens.


Eventually he enrolled in a Shooters Active in Firearms Education, Range Safety Officer course and became an RSO. He soon became a Certified Pistol and Shotgun Instructor in addition to completing the Personal Protection Inside and Personal Protection Outside the Home Instructor courses. He has also earned the NRA "Distinguished Expert" pistol award.


Harry believes firearms instruction is very important to anyone that would like to SAFEly operate any firearm for either personal protection or while hunting.

Soon afterwards, he became a more ardent supporter of Second Amendment Rights when he joined Firearms Owners Against Crime. He now works to educate and motivate firearm owners to become involved in their Constitutional Rights to "Keep and Bear Arms".


His oldest son, Michael is a firearms instructor with SAFE and the Membership Chairman of FOAC. Together they work to improve your Second Amendment rights. His younger son Chris is a combat veteran and Sgt. in the US Marine Corps and an expert in pistol and rifle.

Michael Sills
Certified Instructor
Range Safety Officer


Michael Sills is passionate about “all things firearms” as well as the legislative aspects of the 2nd Amendment.  As a firearms instructor, he likes to devote as much time as possible to educating people on a SAFE and enjoyable firearms experience.  He is a NRA Certified Range Safety Officer, instructor for Pistol, Shotgun, Personal Protection Inside and Outside The Home, as well as a NRA “Distinguished Expert” in Pistol.


Michael likes to keep up on all 2nd Amendment issues by reading all that he can, attending shooting and political events, and listening to a LOT of podcasts.  He is also deeply involved in the legislative aspects of firearms as the Membership Coordinator for Firearms Owners Against Crime.


Always practice and work to enhance the skills that you have, and work to retain your rights, lest you lose them.  SAFEty is the most important thing; we ALL serve as representatives of the shooting community.


Also remember…The day that you think you know it all, is the day that you stop living.